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Took a chance
Made my stance
Now I'm stuck between infinity
Perhaps a sign of divinity?
I was never hell bound
Bound for the void in between
looking back my mood remains serene
How did I ever break out my old routine?
Same old scene
sitting alone in the dark
Stormy thoughts watch the lightning arc
Been marked by the devil
Soldier of heaven
Don't bother upon remark upon that irony
the agony of lacking destiny is one I know
allow me to bestow upon you the knowledge of centuries

it was the first war
angels swarmed
my own neutrality
made me a causality
god granted me immortality
my new reality was to speak in fallacies
doomed to watch humanity
with a blind eye and a deaf ear
an ageless seer who finally broke his restraints
and can relate to those with hearts to listen
the knowledge thousands of years of humanity been missin
reminiscing back to the renaissance
with nonchalance
As all works requires finishing
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June 9, 2008
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