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When they finally
Make my life into a movie
how will I be played?
How will they portray me?
Will they flay my soul
Let all see the truth in my role
open the door
answer the question I'd kill for
What was I put on this earth for
I was never meant to soar
meant to write metaphors
that leave your mind sore
as if the mighty Thor had
slammed his hammer into your head
and I'm fed up with the feds
at my house every weekend
At a young age i learned to fend for myslef
pictures upon the shelf fade into sepia tones
as cyclones of angst tear through my mind
not the kind to call when your in need
never been that person
does that make me worse then others
Requires more and also requires fine tuning, rewriting and rewording
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Submitted on
June 9, 2008
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